Dancing at Lindsay's Dance Academy

Lindsay’s Dance Academy teaches a wide range of dance styles along with competitive and recreational programs.


JazzRecreational, Competitive

A class that focuses on technique as well as rhythm and isolated movements. Students will be taught the fundamentals of turns, jumps, kicks as well as flexibility and strength.

TapRecreational, Competitive

Students will be taught various tap skills as well as different intricate rhythms that will be incorporated into a full routine at the end of the year.

BalletRecreational, Competitive

The core of all dance technique, dancers will be taught strength, poise and all of the technical elements of classical ballet.

AcroRecreational, Competitive

Students will learn work on strength and flexibility in this class as they learn all of the fundamentals of acrobatics.

LyricalRecreational, Competitive

Dancers will use their skills and technique to express a story with their body in this class using elements such as rhythm, expressive movement, jumps, turns and kicks.

Hip HopRecreational, Competitive

A high energy class focusing on the latest movements as well as technique from the latest and most current music videos.

KinderdanceRecreational, Competitive

Suitable for children ages 2-3, students will develop their motor skills in order to prepare them for full dance classes. Classes are offered in 10 week sessions.


We offer recreational classes ages 4-18 where dancers will learn technique of the chosen style in a fun and relaxed environment. Recreational classes are held once a week per style and are 30 minutes or 45 minutes dependant on the dancers age. Dancers will also learn a full routine that will be preformed at the year end dance recital held in June!


Part-time competitive is a competitive program where dancers train less than 8 hours per week but still are able to get the full competitive experience. Dancers will compete in 4 competitions during the season. This program requires more commitment however allows for dancers to participate in other activities while being a competitive dancer.